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Lacie Network Space + Mandriva


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I think of purchasing Lacie Network Space, but I can't find anywhere if it's compatible with Mandriva or any other distro.


Have you tried LNS with Linux, do you need Windows to set it up, how does it work? :unsure:

I've never had a similar ethernet hd.



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It looks like it works exactly like the IOMEGA drive I have and this is used via Linux too.


You have Windows shares which you can use to access from Windows machines or samba, and you also have ftp as well so you can use it via ftp too. I'm using via Windows machines and samba - or at least in the office where it's installed for backups. It's a 1TB NAS device but more or less the same as this Lacie one in terms of functionality.


If it's like the IOMEGA you configure it via a web browser.

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