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KDE 3.1.3

chris z

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just a heads up to you KDE users..........a new version has been released with bug & security fixes.





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Linux will seriously put up a good desktop battle when mandrake releases a new version using the 2.6 series kernel and the KDE 3.2 when they are both done. With mandrake's config tools and beautiful menus and all, the war will tilt in linux's favour!!


Get recruitin'

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I wish gnome would just go away.
i wish you would just go away! ;-)



you guys know i'm just joking, right? I used KDE for a while, and it's good, i just like the way gnome looks better...not sure why :-/


anyways, i should stop trolling the KDE thread...

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never used a mac...


my desktop progession went: KDE -> fluxbox -> a short stint with waimea -> fluxbox -> gnome -> fluxbox -> gnome


i keep ending up back at fluxbox....even the my system is more than capable of handling KDE and gnome.

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