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Failed Mandriva Spring Install


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First let me say this is not a duplicate post I installed Mandriva Spring as a dual boot on my K7S5A a few days ago and after a brief boot loader hiccup all is well. This time out I was installing from the same CD as a stand alone system ( for me) I chose " erase entire HD , went through the install and on robot the install failed( I will clarify in a second) .


Next I decided to do a custom install , I created a / , Swap and /home partitions and also added two Widows partitions just in case we needed them later ( its a 500GB drive) In both instances on reboot I get



Mandriva rel 20008.1 for i586 kernel -server -1mnb on a dual processor i686/ ttyl


local host log in.


I supply my username and password and I get clemkonan@localhost !l$



I am no expert but i686 dual processor is my clue does this means this version is not for my processor?


The other pc by the way is working just fine

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Also, judging by your response about the processor, it is possible that you didn't get the right version for your processor.


It should still work, however, and everything will still be fine.


When you get to that point you described, go ahead and type startx and let us know what happens. We can help you through it from there.

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Should be all lower case, not sure if that was just a typing error or if you tried a capital X in the command.


Please do post the output here. It will help us diagnose your issue.


Also, please let us know what type of video card you have.

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Mandriva Linux release 20008.1 (official) for i586
Kernel -server1mnb on a dual processor i686 /tty1

X.Org X Server
release Date September 2007

Build operating System: Linux _2.6.22.12-server-1mdv Mandriva
Current operating System: Linux Local host # 1SMP Thu Mar 27 15:07:48 CET 3008 i686
Build Date 14 March 2008 04:11:49PM

<=> Log File  :" /var/log/Xorg.0.log", Time Tue July 29 02:32:36 2008
<=> Using Confiig File : " /etc/X11/Xorg.config"
(EE) No devices detected

Fatal Server error:
No Screens found Giving up
Xinit: Connection rerset by peer ( error 104) unable to connect to X server
Xinit: No such process ( error 3) Server error

{xlemkonan@localhost ~i$

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Have you set up your urpmi sources? If you have not, see the link at the top of the page for Easy Urpmi. There is an option in there to get the text commands needed to add the sources. Make sure you have them all (plf is recommended, though optional for what I'm about to tell you)


After you have written down the commands, or however you want to copy them, log in as root on your Mandriva install, enter the commands to add the urpmi sources, then type


And set up your video card again. Even if it's right in there, set it up again. It will prompt you and ask if you want to install the proprietary drivers for the card, answer yes. Once it is done installing, you should be able to reboot and log in normally, then type startx and it should launch your desktop for you.

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