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Mandriva One 2008.1 on USB


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Can I put the iso image on a USB stick and boot? I want to install it on PCs without cd rom drives


hi nokheat


I was looking for a similar thing and downloaded Delft from the below url,

this is 2007.1 but I think there`s a newer distro. So at the moment I`v got 0

hard drives in my pc, any saved data going onto a seperate Ext2 partition on

the usb stick.


try here:



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unfortunately MCNL stopped at 2007.1 there are some of us lonely folks still tryihng to figure out 2008/2009 but the scripting changes required are HUGE so I anyway am looking at several different alternatives.


I can tell you that MCNL is awesome and will probably server 99.99% of your needs (I have it installed on over a dozen pc's right now) BUT if you have something that REQUIRES a newer kernel check out http://www.pclinuxos.com/ it is a derivative of MDV, similar to MCNL but I BELIEVE they use a newer kernel.


I do NOT believe they use the MOST recent, and their screens all say 2007, but they do have a version labled 2008 out.


it to is a pretty decent product, I use one of THEIR derivatives as my file/web server.


The one thing I dont like about PCLOS is its use of the synaotic package manager, but thats just a personal preference.



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