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  1. I have followed the instructions to build a temp bridge and virtual interface for the virtual machine. the network didnt work then. what have i probably missed out? any ideas? here is teh script i used to get the network script: #!/bin/bash #buld a tap adapter tunctl -t tap1 -u <username> #set a bridge and named br0 brctl addbr br0 #make eth0 promisc ifconfig eth0 promisc #connect the real interface to bridge brctl addif br0 eth0 #give br0 the existing ip ifconfig br0 # connect the virtual interface to bridge brctl addif br0 tap1 # activate tap1 ifconfig tap1 up # set permission chmod 0666 /dev/net/tun
  2. Can I put the iso image on a USB stick and boot? I want to install it on PCs without cd rom drives [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman]
  3. Dear all I have a proftpd and a m0n0wall I always get http://pastebin.mandriva.com/578 when i access it outside my network how can i know if it is my server's fault or my m0n0walls fault? I have set passive ports at 51000-51999 and firewalls to open ports 51000-51999 and NAT to translate address to my server local address at, ports 51000-51999 sure active mode will work but i really want it to work in passive mode thanks in advance
  4. I am planning to install Mandriva and use it as a server. It is a AMD 3000 dual core with 1 gb of DDR memory. It will run all the LAMP packages, various programming environment and runs samba and webdav so it will be a all purpose server for all the family programming and file storage need. I believe it would not be high loading, so i will keep the windows managers (KDE) I plan to buy a 8 GB drive to run the Mandriva 2008.1 Spring, would it be a good idea? i am also worried on the serive life of my CF module. any more measures i can take for this deployment? will moving swap to a real hardisk helps too ? how this idea sounds? do i need to take extra care in choosing the software package?
  5. Thanks all for imput. For the purposes, i need to add that, i would use the celeron rig as server and the PIII laptop for desktop with GUI. Seems there wont be much problem with the celeron ;) O yes, that should be what i want, i will try light weight GUI mandriva on it, to fit on a 10 gb hdd and 128 mb ram labtop. (i know DSL/ puppy would work, but i want the linux machines on hand run more or less the same stuff, and that would be mandriva) is it hard to install XFCE? how do i select from install screens?
  6. I have a celeron class 2ghz , 512mb ram rig and pIII class, 128 laptop if i do want to run mandriva 2008 on them, are there anything i can do to fine tune the system, so it dont lag terribly?
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