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Upgraded mobo and kudzu wasn't there to help


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Just upgraded my motherboard and I was hoping something like kudzu would be there to help me in updating the system. But on the restart - surprise - kudzu was not there.


Seeing I was left without a mouse and I am not a command line type, I settled for a reboot with CD1 and ran it throught till system config and it has gotten me back in business, but I want to make sure things are all updated.


How should I have done this and should everything affected by the new mobo and processor be listed under harddrake2 now or what should I check to be sure that there won't be problems down the road?



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IIRC, kudzu is available, but not on the download cd's. Harddrake is also available but it's called (strangely) harddrake2 now.


You actually should've run mousedrake or something very similar at the commandline prompt. It lets you choose mouse types and configure it slightly graphically from the console.

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