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No sound in Wine

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So...apparently even though alsa is (apparently) installed and configured, wine can't see it.


OSS isn't providing any sound through wine, and the wine wiki doesn't help at all.


Any thoughts about what I can do here? Sound is kinda important to the games I play through wine.


Whenever I try to test the sound with the OSS driver, it says sound test failed. Alsa isn't listed at all, and a urpmi of Alsa wants to upgrade my kernel, which I will do if it will help.

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Make sure you have the task-pulseaudio and libalsa-plugins-pulseaudio packages installed. Open your wine configurator and in the audio tab check if ALSA is being used, then hit the 'test sound' button. If you have no sound, then I would suggest that you disable PulseAudio and try again. Many users have had to disable Pulse to get sound working with wine apps.

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