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run .EXE files in Mandriva

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I would stick with that then.


i would rephrase that to something like:


1. if you really want to just play crysis, stick with your current windows setup for gaming since it already works for you. there is no sense in rocking the boat if you are already in the middle of the ocean.


2. if you are interested in going linux all the way, you can try running crysis in an emulator but don't get your hopes up. understand that an emulator can never replace the real thing. by the word itself, it just emulates the behavior as much as it can.


scarecrow already pointed out the most obvious pitfall for the game you want: it is notorious for having cutting-edge requirements (software and hardware). i don't game much but i know that from reading review sites and blogs. if you try route #2, you can update us how it goes. :)



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I would like to add a third option to ramfree17's suggestion:


3. Dual boot with Windows and Linux (the two can co-exist).

You can install Linux right next to your Windows installation on the same harddrive. You just need to free some room for that.


I have a dualboot PC and I'm booting to Windows XP whenever I want to play games that don't work on Linux. But most of the time (>90%) I boot to Linux (Mandriva 2008.1).

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There are plenty of other games out there, too.


Like ramfree said, just because the Wine page I linked to says something will work, ymmv.


I play some games in Linux, some in Vista, and others I gave up on because they were too much hassle (I hate having to switch off one of my monitors and reconfigure my desktop just to play a game).


If you want to try, by all means try. Some games work really well under Wine (WoW is one, but I'm also comparing its performance to Vista which, let's face it, is a pig).

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