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Mandriva 2009

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Thanks Adam once again.



I have just edited as you suggested.

If you don't get a comment back then you can take it as read that it worked AOK.


As you requested, I got the following result :-


Bus 002 Device 002: ID 046d:c315 Logitech, Inc.


Cheers. John.

Edited by AussieJohn

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ramfree17: hmm, from poking through drakconnect code, it *should* do exactly what you want it to do - it should have said "These packages can be found in Mandriva Linux One, Mandriva Linux Powerpack, or in the official non-free package repository". Did it not? Can you show a screenshot (or, even better, screencast) of exactly what it *does* say? Thanks!


:huh: :blush: if that is the case then i must be speed reading again. ill try to post a screenshot when i encounter that dialog windows again. for now i don't want to mess the network setup as it is already working fine (even if bootup seems to be a bit on the long side).







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