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changing gnome theme from KDE


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I use KDE and would like to change the default gnome theme used in gnome apps instead of that La-Ora one. How can I do that?

The only way I can think of is by installing a gtk-qt engine. Is there a simpler way?



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run gnome-theme-manager (may have to install it but not likely) and select a different theme from those available. then, you'll need to add gnome-settings-daemon to KDE's autorun (to make it run at login, so the theme gets set). gtk-qt engine is used to attempt to make a GTK theme from your current QT theme. It's ok in some cases, but some themes just don't work. It does, IIRC, allow you to change the normal GTK theme from within the KDE Control Center (meaning you can turn off it's QT-to-GTK translation and just use a real GTK theme).

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No, you do need to install gtk-qt-engine first then an option to change gtk themes will appear in kcontrol.
No, you don't need gtk-qt-engine to change GTK themes in KDE. The method I mentioned works fine without gtk-qt-engine, you just have to use the gnomes tools (which will be installed anyways - if they aren't already). The only advantages to gtk-qt-engine are that it puts the options in kcontrol, and it allows you to try and use your QT theme as the theme for GTK apps. Edited by tyme
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