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OpenSuse 11 Beta1

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Yesterday I read this article and it gave me a little hope




now if they get rid if those annoying to toolboxes popping up around icons and plasmoids, that annoying vista-like icon hightlight and that useless blob in the top right corner I would be happy



that and of course adding previews back again to the file selector, improving performance with nvidia cards and I would consider upgrading to kde4


The points you raise are almost exactly the same as the things that annoy me about it ffi, we must think very much alike. I also don't like the kickoff menu (although I think you can switch back to normal mode with that) and I couldn't find a way to create any program launchers for the desktop or the tray (except for these plasmoid gismos most of which are completely useless) and the useless blob in the top right hand corner is much more annoying than the Microsoft office paper clip that everyone hated!

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I just read something a few minutes ago from AW that may solve this for you.



BTW, I was quite impressed with the openSUSE KDE Live CD. I did not install it, just ran it from the CD.


David I think I owe you thanks again. That post that you linked to in turn linked to another site, which, although complicated seems to have done the trick for me. I am now posting this on Suse with my ZTE modem after a reboot and I certainly could not do that before. I must see if I can get it going on Mandriva later.

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