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MCNL running under XP with little configuration


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yes that screenshot is my work desktop, why are so many people awed at the amount of icons i have?



ok before things get TOO hectic here's the deal.


i loved mcnl i actually adapted the idea to my 2007.1 desktop to the point that anytime my desktop got corrupted (which was LOT) all i had to do was pop my DVD in the drive, reboot and EVERYTHING including my applications were reinstalled.


unfortunately i havent been able to get 2008 to work. i know that some other are working on it, rumor has it that "charles" made it work, but unfortunately all his links at mandrivaclub.nl are either gone or in french, and bablefish doesnt do THAT good of a job.


so while i search answers on the bosses nickel occasionally i come across some cool stiff that i think might help


sometimes it does, sometimes it doesnt, but is still cool.


this is one of those things.





they talk about running "pendrive linux" from your windows desktop without having to reboot, and while everything else is running alongside it. so i wanted to find out if we could use their methods to do the same thing with MCNL.


1. Download QemuPDLv1.1.0.exe and run the executable. (Extract to a folder named QemuPDL) - you can actually put it in any folder you want


Here is the actual download link:



2. This download actually includes the MCNL ISO in it, its called Etch-PDL.iso


3. Copy your MCNL.ISO, whatever version you want, to the folder that you created


4. Now you can probably change the script to call whatever the ISO is actually called, but remember this is the lazy way to do it


5. Rename the Etch-PDL.ISO to Etch-PDLa.ISO, and then rename YOUR MCNL.ISO to Etch-PDL.iso


6. Navigate to the QemuPDL folder ( or whatever the folder is called) and click the LaunchPDL.bat file to start running MCNL from Windows


I havent tried all the options, but a straight boot works fine! Please remember that if you ARE doing this at work you are STILL under whatever corporate firewall rules that your XP machine is under. So for example in my case I can get to the repositories (easy-urpmi) but updating the packages sometimes is iffy.


anyway, thats the lazy mans magic. This can PROBABLY be used to run any liveCD that you want, matter of fact, i'm sure, someone with more scripting skills than me could probably have the script ASK for the name of the ISO file, so you wouldnt have to rename ANYTHING.


AND anyone who wants to help direct me down the path of getting a 2008 version of MCNL it would be greatly appreciated.


i'm starting to use some of squashfs tools and draklive is probably whats replaced mklivecd, so anyone with some smarts or more time your help would be allreciated.

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