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App to clean temp files, etc?


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Also in the Mandriva Control Centre--> Security & Privacy--> Privacy. That will clear some histories and caches. There's also an app called kleansweep, which uses heuristics to identify deletable files like duplicates, orphan files etc.

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tmpwatch is a package that can be installed, and it runs as a scheduled job. So if you leave your system up and running a lot it would run each morning and clear the temporary files.

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You can use shred for secure deletion of files. Alternatively, you can use dd to overwrite the free space but it creates a file, and then you have to delete this file. This can be done for overwritting stuff, you just use similar to this:


dd if=/dev/urandom of=/home/username/tempfile
rm /home/username/tempfile


by using the input of /dev/urandom, you're writing random data to tempfile, which is in effect writing random data to the free space you're overwriting. Later, the only file recoverable, would be the tempfile, but would be useless since it's random data.


If I'm erasing an empty hard disk, then I use shred by booting a Live CD and running on the drive as /dev/hda or /dev/sda - but you can't do this for free space, since it would completely erase your hard disk regardless of data. dd is better for free space - as my example above.

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