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Hi guys, I was just at www.mcnlive.org/index.html and saw that for the first time in ages there had been an update on the 18th. I hope this means that the revival of MCNL isn't far away now.


Been AWOL lately. Broke my left ankle last Wednesday and haven't been able to concentrate on much at all :wall:


OK thought breaking my ankle was enough of a problem for the time been. NOPE don't do things by halves :mellow:

Decided to get a bout of the flu at the same time!! There is no justice at times!


Thanks for post :D



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well sad top say i spent the $16 and as I suspected the most interesting part of the mag, for someone who has worked w/ mcnl for over a year, is the fact that the mag sees to have used MDV's logo all throughout.


now thats for ME, for others there are some great how to's, if you interested in gaming or setting up your own mail server.


I was REALLY hoping for a DETAILED explanation of the scripts ofr more of a howto for MCNL, heck even a good howto on the MDV thats inckuded.


twerent to be.


if you need a good copy of toronto or 2008 and your dloads are taking to long it is a great palce to get some....

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The issue was dedicated to Mandriva, I guess that is why they provided MCNL Toronto. I checked the link out and didn't find anything relating to articles about MCNL, or suggesting that MCNL articles were included in the mag. I haven't read mine completely yet, but I didn't find it useless though nonetheless. There's quite a few interesting articles in there - not just for Mandriva, but other distros, providing that you're interested in what they're writing about.


Generally though, regardless of the magazine, if there isn't anything in there I'm interested in, I wouldn't buy it. Unless of course, the disks had something I was interested in, then I most likely would make an exception.


From what I know, Linux + usually dedicates an issue to one particular distro each issue.

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now i didnt say it was useless, just not what i was looking for.


as for the dedication to a single distro each issue, to be honest I havent bought enough copies of that over the years (its quarterly) to notice the pattern.


typically i find that the Euro Linux mags are 10times better than the US mags, just for the cover disks if nothing else, and as I sayd if I didnt have a copy of toronto, THIS would be well worth it.


I was just looking for more on 2008 and some ino on MCNL maybe in comparison with the redhat "reroller" (I dont know what its actually called in Fedora).



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