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/etc/resolv.conf file [solved]

Rama Murthy

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My internet connection is very slow in my Mandriva compared to the connection speed in Windows XP. Just did a google search for this problem. One of the forums said

"Check your DNS servers in your /etc/resolv.conf file. If it shows your router as the nameserver this might be the issue. Change this entry to your ISP's DNS servers."


My /etc/resolv.conf file says-


search Belkin



I am pretty sure Belkin is the name of my router. What exactly should I change this to? What is " entry in my ISPs DNS server"?


Thanks so much for all ur help!!



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The search line can slow things down a bit you can always comment this line out using the # and put it at the beginning of the line. Then see if it is any faster. Also, I'm assuming that the first nameserver listed is the router, and therefore this should be providing proxy DNS to the internet DNS servers anyhow, then responding to your request afterwards. This shouldn't cause any speed hit as such.


Another reason for speed problems could be due to IPV6. If you are using Firefox, then in the url bar where you type your web addresses, type this:




filter for ipv6 and then enable this to disable IPV6 and see if it's any better. If it's still not better, then you need to disable IPV6 on your system. This can be done in a number of ways, check this link:




in addition to what I've listed here, if none of this does it you might also have to add to /etc/modprobe.conf:


alias ipv6 off


and see if that does it. You can check if ipv6 is enabled, because when you do an ifconfig, it will show an ipv6 entry. Alternatively, lsmod will also show this if you do:


lsmod | grep -i ipv6


and if a module is listed, then ipv6 is enabled, and not disabled.

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