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Unable to change hostname [solved]


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I've also been unable to change the hostname from "localhost".


In the Control Center, under Network and Internet/Network Center/Configure (Network Settings), the DHCP host name is set to what I want it to be.


Network and Internet/Hosts definitions, it lists IP address and both Host name and Host Aliases show the same host name as in the above setting. Localhost is nowhere to be found.


Can it be changed from localhost and if so, am I looking in the wrong place? With Mandriva 2007, this wasn't an issue.





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In the Control Center, under Network and Internet, select "Setup a new network interface" and reconfigure your ethernet connection.


You should re-boot after doing this to avoid possible problems.



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Another way to save reconfiguration is just edit /etc/sysconfig/network and you will just need a line like:




replace myhostname with whatever you want to call it. As you've probably already done it and reconfigured the interface, just take a look at /etc/sysconfig/network and you'll see how it looks if you ever need to do it again in the future.

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