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Hello, guys!!! I've another problem with my Mandriva 2007.1

I've installed new kernel linux- and now I've no BootSplash.

I've searched the forum and found that I need apply patch. Following link I've found that project is closed and

I must install Splashy. Does anybody tries this Splashy and what is latest version for Mandriva?

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You can get splashy sources from their homesite- http://splashy.alioth.debian.org/wiki/

Splashy runs in userspace, so no actual kernel patch is needed. Just follow the instructions at splashy site.

Its dependencies are initscripts and glib2. Last stable version is 0.3.5

IMHO splashy is not worth the trouble- last time I tried it (a couple of months ago) nothing could be displayed at shutdown. Maybe it has become better, but...


You may also like to try that one:


It also works in userspace, so no kernel patching required.


I can't vote in favour of one of them- personally i prefer plain text grub and no splash at startup...

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