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K-menu Logo in 2007 Spring [solved]

Guest Casian

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Well that link is kind of on the right track but more geared towards changing the icon on the taskbar, not at the top of the menu bar like you asked.

Have a look around the directory /var/lib/mandriva/kde-profiles/ and see what you find, I discovered that if you delete (or rename) the file /var/lib/mandriva/kde-profiles/one/share/apps/kicker/pics/kside_top.png then that icon is replaced by a blank orange bar. And if you edit that picture, it will appear on the start bar instead.

You'll need to restart X for the change to get noticed, either logout-login or do a ctrl-alt-backspace. :)

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I removed the picture /var/lib/mandriva/kde-profiles/one/share/apps/kicker/pics/kside_top.png and kside_top_tile.png (of something like that... I don't know the exact name because I deleted the file) and now there isn't any orange bar at the top of the menu. It's just the classic K menu. Thanks again.

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