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KDE Configuration Question


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Hi All,


I am new to Linux and Madriva. So far I am very happy with Mandriva but I have a KDE configuration question.

Is there a way to configure the menus so that the name of the software application appears?

For example, instead of

Mandriva -> Multimedia -> Audio Player

I would prefer to see

Mandriva -> Multimedia -> Audio Player (Amarok)


I've seen the later on a Linspire Live CD





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OK, so I found my way to the KDE Menu Editor.

I see that all items in the menu have both a "Name" and "Description"

The interesting thing is that in the KDE Menut Editor itself all the itema are

listed as "Description (Name)" which is the way I want my menu's to look.

But as I originally stated, the actual menus are just "Description".

I do not see any selection in the KDE Menu Editor that wiill change the

actual menus from just "Description" to "Description (Name)".

What am I missing? :huh::huh:

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Daniel gave you the easiest method of all and you ignored it. :D :D :D


I just did it myself just to prove it.


Cheers. John



I didn't understand the method. Did you mean going into the Mandriva Linux Control Center and selecting

Menu Style Configuration. This gives me 3 options:

Original Menu

Discovery Menu

Mandriva Menu


I tried all 3 and none yielded my desired result. The only thing that changed was the menu nesting.

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As I indicated in my earlier post, you want the KDE Control Centre NOT the Mandriva Control Centre. KDE Control Centre is where you set KDE user preferences. It's worthwhile taking a look at the many options that it offers.





Thanks, it finally sunk in. Sorry if I was being thick headed. I need to get use to this multiple control center thing.

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No need to apologize. It is confusing. :P


The KDE control center is found on all linux distributions using KDE. Mandriva (formerly Mandrake) wrote their own additional gui MCC in an effort to make system configuration easier and remove the need to edit text files.

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