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It's Official: Unreal Tournament 3 for Linux


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Since its predecessors had native Linux ports (and, imho, two of the most solid Linux clients to date, for games) it was unlikely that UT3 wouldn't be available natively, but now we know for sure :thumbs:


I was at a Midway event three weeks ago and saw the game - it looks awesome. Unfortunately I didn't get to play, but the graphics blew me away and I'm looking forward to trying this title out in Linux.

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I'm looking forward to trying this title out in Linux.


Interviewer - What about Mac and Linux versions ?


Mark Rein - . . . and Linux, it's just kind of a pet project, so if it happens it happens.


http://s10.video.blip.tv/14300024331...terview246.mov (approx 48 seconds in)


Sounds a bit ominous to me, certainly a far cry from the way they led people to believe early on that it would be a certainty.


[EDIT] The original link seems to be dead, so,



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