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Sidux 2007-02 released


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According to this it's just yet another desktop Linux distro. What's special about it?

Dexter, i can write a Gowatorial post or you can check the sidux site....


The brief answer is its Debian unstable (SID) with some extra bells and whistles (mainly config tools) AND most importantly patches etc. and workarounds when SID itself gets broken...


Its hard to appreciate unless you try running SID yourself on a fairly critical system... what can happen is a huge suite like KDE can get updated and need Xorg x.x.x but x.x.x-1 is currently the latest in SID... sidux will either patch it or put it on hold until it works or provide workarounds.... however these are only ever temporary, the aim is always to get back to pure SID...


SID is IMHO far more stable than Mandriva cooker (I honesstly think its more stable than Madriva official) and updated far more often... certain glitches creep in like dependencies and stuff and SIDUX dev's take care of these to make SIDUX work whereas the Debian Dev's take care of these to make stable work when they are finally put there....


How is it special is a bit of a long answer.... they also have all the non-free stuff, especially hundreds of firmware and hardware drivers which are missing from Debian official...


So in many ways its like a release of Mandriva with plf +++ already added.... plus extra stability and like plf it works WITH Debian SID not diverging...

Ubuntu is fine but its not Debian because it diverges so far... so they need their own Deb's, repo's etc. SIDUX repo's only contain tools etc not in Debian...or drivers excluded because they are not GPL etc.


I think the easiest way to describe it is say a kernel update... Sidux will download (from kernel.org), add patches, compile then prompt you to recompile your graphics drivers (say NVIDIA) which need doing for the new kernel... tell you its dropping to RL3 for the driver install (if you already are running the new kernel) etc.


So basically its nothing that you cannot do alone if you wnt to use SID and spend your life finding, compiling etc. its just a much easier way to run bleeding adge so that the aim is a working system NOT the Debian developers aim which is a working FUTURE system...

and again like I said but I'll repeat cos its important.. the changes are just temporary as soon as SID is fixed they revert back...


So in many ways its like working with SID but having some top notch dev's doing all the nitty gritty hard stuff...

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As Gowator already said, Sidux is a real bleeding edge distro, which at the same time is more stable than many official, long cycle distros out there ( actual names are slipping off my mind right now... :P )

Other than that, "there's nothing special about it".


i might as well start posting all the new Arch releases then

You won't have to post much then... Arch in reality has no new releases, as well as any rolling distro... and you know that very well.

But Sidux does have "releases", as it may effectively be Debian Sid which is "rolling", but the kernels and initscripts are customized.

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Just a note Iphitus but I genuinly didn't realise that the new release TARATOS was out... Ive been really busy and Scarecrow's post actually did make a huge difference to me... I was about to do a dist-upgrade on my girlfriends box which he just saved me doing because a reinstall from Live CD will be quicker...

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