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NIC problem -> RTL8139D


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I have a problem with a NIC that I bought recently. In the section MCC ---> Hardware, it is listed as follows:



Vendor: ?Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd.

Description: ?RTL8139D [Realtek] PCI 10/100BaseTX ethernet adaptor



Bus: ?PCI

Bus PCI #: ?2

PCI device #: ?3

PCI function #: ?0

Vendor ID: ?0x1904

Device ID: ?0x8139

Sub vendor ID: ?0xffff

Sub device ID: ?0xffff


Module: ?unknown



The other NIC is fine, and its module is 8139too.


When I try to set up the new NIC, it sets the old one. I found out that the new one is not listed and cannot be set up.


Any ideas how to get it working?

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ifconfig -a


from the command line to see if eth0 and eth1 exist as two ethernet cards on your system. If it doesn't, then it seems the second card isn't using a module. Maybe then try:


modprobe 8139too


to load it again, and see if the second nic is enabled after that by checking with the ifconfig -a command again. Post back the results here if you still have problems.

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I tried the suggestion but it didn't list it.


Here's the output of "ifconfig -a":


eth1 Link encap:Ethernet


lo Link encap:Local Loopback


sit0 Link encap:IPv6-in-IPv4



I checked that 8139too is loaded.


I suspect that this specific NIC is not well supported by the module 8139too or it has to do with the kernel version. (2.6.17-5mdv)


Any other ideas, in these or other directions? :)

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