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wobo fired


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Guest Extreme Coder

That's pretty sad to hear that's going,especially after reading what he's done. I hope Mandriva knows what its doing and it isn't digging its own grave...



Extreme Coder

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Guest wobo0

Just to answer a question and to clarify my position:


Like why was he a contractor? Did Mandriva give him some excuse about how "we would make you staff but its the same" ...A lot of companies do this especially in France because of the extra costs of employing someone on top of their salary ...

I started out in 1999 by translating the manual into German without asking for money. Later I received a mail from Jacques, telling me "we have made some money and we can afford to pay you" :)

Then I added translating articles, website pages. All of this for free. In 2000 we talked about a contract. As I was working full time here in Germany we made it a contractor type. Later, when I stopped to work full time here Gaël asked me to come full time, working from home. I refused because I had too much to do fighting a bad disease. So we left it at the old contract although the pay was raised (something like a quarter of a normal month's wage).


BTW: In an early stage of my relation to Mandrakesoft I got in touch with a guy who started a "Mandrake Linux FAQ" in English. I suggested to work together and I would do the German translation. Later I visited him in Berlin and as he was unemployed at that time I suggested that I could bring him into Mandrakesoft. This worked out fine and soon he was an employee of Mandrakesoft. He started a website with lots of documentation, mainly written by him, some by other people, including me. His name was Tom Berger and you all know those docs.


My contract included: translation of web pages and official output from Mandriva (news flashes, press releases, community newsletter). Period. Building MandrivaUser.de and other activities at fairs, etc. were not part of the contract.


Let me make a statement because it seems I made myself not clear enough on the Mandriva club forum:

Of course I am sad that this long relationship ended, but that's the way things go and I will surely survive without Mandriva. That's not my point. My point is, that they terminated the contract without having someone to take over. In the last years there was not one volunteer to do the official translation work. My "boss" at Mandriva (Céline) was furious about her VP's decision (she learned about it from my mail) because she has no one to continue what I did. That's what I was grieving about - not my personal situation.


I will continue to admin MandrivaUser.de and whoever will be near Berlin next week can meet me at our booth 12-20 at the Linuxtag.


Thx for reading.



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Thx wobo


hmm, sad to hear..


I would like to point out that Mandriva the company != Mandriva Linux, so sad to see people leaving it due to controversy from the company..


I know at least that wobo and probably joeghi which got laid off will still be involved in the community, and probably some of the others being laid off too. There is also ongoing work on improving the community around Mandriva Linux which I hope to happen soon, which will give most people new faith, I'm at least very excited about these things. Smile


For Mandriva the company, I think Mandriva yet again failed at communicating and explain their actions and the news probably slipped out through the wrong channels a bit too soon for it to explain, so I think at least people should be aware of this. These layoffs were requested by the new investors to reduce costs before investing, so Mandriva didn't have that much choice. Still, I don't think their handling of the layoffs nor decissions about whom was the best..



For me now, I've just accepted another position in the company, so I know that I'll be staying around as well as I don't think these recent changes will have too much impact on my work. (I sure hope that especially the decission about laying off wobo will be reevaluated though..)


So dvalin (= Per Øyvind Karlsen) is rehired.





Oden wasn't layed off too.

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