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ati x1650 and mandy 2007, mandy 2007 spring


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Hi folks!

Any help is acceptable. I changed my ati x300 video card to ati x1650, but unfortunately neighter mandy 2007, nor mandy spring rc3 could recognise the device correctly. I was forced to select xorgt:vesa driver settings in order to use xserver(GUI). I also downloaded the ati driver from ATI website, but unfortunately I got the same results. Of course i use windows as a reference point which may come in handy in such cases. It works very well (of course with appropriate windows drivers). I am frustrated due this ati x1650 driver lack. Thanks a lot in advance.





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Just to make sure - you did install the ATI drivers correctly? I hate to sound like Dell tech support (Sir, could you please make sure that your power cord is in fact plugged into the wall socket? Common mistake you know...) :lol2:


I found this thread where another person was having trouble with his x1650, so maybe it'll help.

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I have similar problem with my ati x1650 (agp-version) - though installation (Mandriva 2007.1 pp) goes smoothly just till the moment when i ihave to adjust the video settings. When i choose the "ati x1300 - x1800", enable the proprietary driver and test the settings - my screen goes blank and stays black for some time, then it returns to video-options window. But when i choose "ati x1300 - x1800" with no proprietary drivers (fbdev) and with no hardware-acceleration support, the testing goes fine and i see the colorful screen with a question "Is this the corect settings?"

And after the installation, when i try to watch movie with Mplayer on fullscreen - sound goes normally, BUT video is so slowly, that it starts to fall behind after few seconds !!

I have to admit that on Mandriva 2007 i also couldn't make my x1650 working fullpower, though i could watch movies normaly.

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What happens if you enable the proprietary driver without testing? Black screen when starting X?


That's right - black screen. And i can't even kill X, though i can switch to another virtual console.

I've tried to install mandy 2007.1 with fbdev-driver and switch to propreitary driver afterwards. But when it came to testing the settings - i've got black sceen AND system stoped responding to the keyboard commands - though i could loged in to the system from another computer through ssh, after watching at the list of the processes, i've found a process with a backward timecount of the test screen, that stoped at the count of 10 or 9 and this process i couldn't stop by any means.

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