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  1. provide a link for download
  2. I have AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Dual Core, socket AM2, box(3 ghz real + 64 bits+ 2 core) + 2 gb ddram2 dual-channel and mandriva 2008 pp 32bits, and run faster than my older pc with Amd Sempron 2800+ with 2gb ddram, even faster than XP with SP2
  3. I have radeon x1650 and Mandy 2008 and work ok
  4. i have a x1650 +monitor 20" wide, same problem with mandz 2007 or but 2007.1 pp, but work great with 2008 pp
  5. with mandriva 2008 pp, x1650 +monitor 20" wide, work great, so problem is solved
  6. I have one pc with radeon 9200 128 bits+monitor lcd 17" -works great, one pc with radeon 9600 pro + monitor lcd 17" - works great, and one pc with radon x1650 +monitor 20" wide - not work great - in fact it work maxim at resolution 1280x1024 - on web i see iti is a problem with ati driver for raden x1000 class, i wait for mandriva 2008 to see if are changes.
  7. Hello, i'm new so please give me detail explications (excuse my poor english), so that's my problem: i have a tv tuner LeadTek TV WinFast 2000 XP EXPERT, but it's not working: in Windows XP and Mandriva 2007 PP+ it's working without problems( in Mandriva 2007 not see like Leadteak, but it's working), but in Mandriva 2007.1 PP not working, in MCC at Look and configure hardware it is seen OK like LeadTek TV WinFast 2000 XP EXPERT, but if i go in MMC/Hardware/Set up TV Card it give me the error and closed with "abdominal" error (or something like).My system is: MB Gigabyte 7vax, 1 gb ddram 4000, Sempron 2800+, video Club3d 9600, hdd pata samsung 300gb, sound Audigy 4. The Mandriva 2007.1 kit it is OK, i already installed on another PC, with another configuration and it is ok. Can help me somebody?
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