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Boot disk problem

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So I'm trying out this: http://tldp.org/LDP/Pocket-Linux-Guide/html/


And I had a problem with compiling Grub.


But, because I wanted to move along in the exercises, I just copied the pre-built image files (lazy, I know tongue.gif ) from the resource site to floppy. However, when my computer boots up and scans the floppy, it looks like nothing is happening and it just continues the booting process from hard disk.


And yes, I've got my BIOS settings to boot from floppy and in the right order.

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link to prebuilt image so people know what you mean?

Link: http://pocket-linux.sourceforge.net/

Direct link to file:





exact way you made the floppy?


In Linux:

dd if=ch2-bootdisk.image of=/dev/fd0


In Windows:

I used Rawwrite



No, I did not check the checksum

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Well, someone on suseforums.net knew what the problem was:


Use a newer version of GRUB. 0.95 and 0.96 don't work with GCC 4.0 and binutils 2.5.


I have now successfully compiled & setup Grub 0.97 B)


Now to compile a kernel.

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