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Beryl 2.0


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Beryl 0.2.0 Released!


Mar 14, 2006 -- Beryl 0.2.0 Final is finally out. The major changes list below is basically unmodified since 0.2.0-rc1 since very little has changed.


Major Changes from 0.1.5:


* Window Thumbnail Plugin

* Group With Tabs Plugin

* Ring Switcher

* Better Placement Algorithms

* Better Multihead Support

* Snapping Windows without Wobbly

* Show Desktop has been replaced with Fade Desktop

* Easier to use Configuration Frontend

* 3D Animation Effects

* Support Jpeg Image Format

* Focus Stealing Prevention Work

* Better Memory Usage

* many many smaller things...


A more complete release notice can be found on the blog.

--The Beryl Team

Complete release notes on the Beryl blog.


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