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Debian Repositories [solved]

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Yeah, it's Debian 3.1, stable so sarge.


Oh, and:


apt-get upgrade


is an OK command. The update, updates the repositories, the upgrade does a minimal package upgrade, prob security related stuff, and dist-upgrade rolls in the new kernels, and other stuff.


I found this out when trying to get this sorted. Will see how my install works out, and if not, then I'll get etch and work with this.

Well the point was I think that if you want Etch install Etch????


The Debian rolling upgrade works quite well but the more major it is the more issues its likely to have and the more experience fixing them your likely to need.


I'd say an upgrade from 3.1 to todays etch is going to be very very major... so its really not the best way to get your hands a little dirty, more jumping in feet first...

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Well, so far I've got etch installed now. Decided to let it do the full net install, giving me the gui etc.


Now, I've switched to sid/unstable by editing the sources.list file, and my next process is:


apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get dist-upgrade


and see what happens after that. Just started the upgrade, so we'll see how things pan out shortly :P

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