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Linux kernel 2.6.19


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Two months after 2.6.18, Linus has released Linux kernel 2.6.19.

Linux 2.6.19 includes the clustering GFS2 filesystem; Ecryptfs the first experimental version of EXT4 (aimed at developers), support for the Atmel AVR32 architecture, sleepable RCU, improvements for NUMA-based systems, a "-o flush" mount option aimed at FAT-based hotpluggable media devices (mp3), physical CPU hotplug and memory hot-add in x86-64, support for compiling x86 kernels with the GCC stack protection, vectored async I/O, Netlabel subsystem, allow to disable compilation of the block layer, IDE Parallel-ATA drivers based in libata, Granular IPSec associations for use in MLS environments, add the Netlabel subsystem, Mobile IPv6, some new drivers, improved support for many already existing drivers, and many other things.

More details here. The announcement is here. KernelTrap article is here.


source: hup.hu

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Already using it, and it works fine. I am one of the lucky guys I guess, because several Arch Linux users cannot boot properly with the new kernel (modules failing to load).


not quite, it's just the newer module is loaded instead, which means they have to update their bootloader and fstab to the different syntax of /dev/sdxx where it used to be /dev/hdxx for PATA devices on a PIIX controller, as well as correcting any renumerated sata devices.


nothing we could really do, it's a change thats been coming for a while.

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