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PCLinuxOS installation: partitioning

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I'd like to try out PCLinuxOS. (Looks good... hope it works just as good :) )


Right now I am running Windows XP (daily use)+SuSe 10.1(near-daily use)+Kubuntu (don't use it any more but partition is still there).


I'd like PCLinuxOS to use the partition "space" now occupied by the Kubuntu installation. I'm not familiar with diskdrake (anymore) though.



- Any tips you can give me on the resizing, replacement, protection, ... of all partitions?

- Is the boot manager PCLinuxOS installs good at detecting/setting up triple-boots?

- Can I install PCLinuxOS yet use another boot manager (preferrable SuSe's Grub implementation)


- Any other things I should consider installing PCLinuxOS?

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The PCLinuxOS control center is a carbon copy of Mandriva's MCC. So yes, it's failry good, and fairly annoying- it depends on the way you approach it...

IMHO PCLinuxOS is much better than Mandriva for regular, KDE-centric desktop usage (much newer packages, lighter kernels, although still heavily patched... maybe too patched for my taste, very fast aptitude/Synaptic-based package manager, and looks/themes a bit too WinXP'ish, but still catchy on the eye).

Personally, I would wait a bit until 0.94 is out, because it will bring big changes (like gcc 4.X.X and new glibc). It will be effectively a completely new OS, which means that a "normal" upgrade via "apt-get update - apt-get dist-upgrade" will be at best problematic, and at worst not possible.

Still, if you want to toy with it, go ahead- it's a good desktop distro... but have in mind that with 0.94 it's very likely you'll need to reinstall from scratch.

PCLinuxoS installs by default LiLo, but it's quite easy to switch to the more flexible grub. Factly, there's no need to install a bootloader at all- just install the system, and then boot your SuSE and add the PCLOS boot entries manually. It should work without much hassle.

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Well, I tried it out... but I was a bit underwhelmed. Doesn't offer anything Suse doesn't already have, and has the same nitpicks I dislike about Mandriva... Although I have to say that it booted really fast!


Maybe I'll try Gentoo next... just to see what it looks like. Then again, most distros look pretty alike nowadays, I guess. :)

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