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Samba and Groups


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My samba stuff has been up and running for a long time, and I have lived with this issue but what to fix it...


Machine1: user-Amy ; group-Amy

Machine2: user-Travis ; group-Travis


So, when my wife writes to the samba shares on the Linux box from WinXP, it assignes the group to her and I can see the files, but I can't change anything and vice-versa. I have a group 'Parents' on the Linux box that we both belong to and I would like when we write to the Samba shares from Windows that it use this group.


I have done some searches and I must be using the wrong key words as I can't find where I would change the Samba user/group assignment. And maybe it is just a Linux side change where I remove that group and only assign us to the parents group.

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Well, here is what I found out so far.


I created a test user and made the default group 'parents' on the linux side. When that user logs on now from windows it does pick that group. I also made the share create permissions give the group ability. I have to test that, but I don't see why that part will not work.


Is this then the correct way to handle this?

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you may try the option below inside your shared folder defined at smb.conf

comment = shared
path = /home/shared
read only = no
valid users = user1 user2 +parents
inherit permissions = Yes


-valid users are user1 user2 and all member of group parents

-inherit permision, if you chmod 770 the /home/shared folder

all files on it and the said folder will have a 770 permission, which allow user and group to have a rw permission.

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