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Guest pygi



I would like to bring your attention to libburn umbrella project.


The project components (list subject to growth, hopefully):


- libburn the library by which preformatted data get onto optical

media. It uses either /dev/sgN (e.g. on kernel 2.4 with ide-scsi) or

/dev/hdX (e.g. on kernel 2.6).libburn is the foundation of our cdrecord



- libisofs the library to pack up hard disk files and directories into a

ISO 9660 disk image. This may then be brought to CD via libburn.

libisofs is to be the foundation of our upcoming mkisofs emulation.


- cdrskin a limited cdrecord compatibility wrapper for libburn.

cdrecord is a powerful GPL'ed burn program included in Joerg

Schilling's cdrtools. cdrskin strives to be a second source

for the services traditionally provided by cdrecord.

cdrskin does not contain any bytes copied from cdrecord's sources.

Many bytes have been copied from the message output of cdrecord

runs, though.See cdrskin/README for more.


- test a collection of application gestures and examples given by the

authors of the library features. cdrskin for example originally

emerged from test/burniso.c and you can see traces of my first

steps in there. Explore these examples if you look for inspiration.


You may find some more information if you visit:



Thanks to Julian Weißgerber we even provide SVN snapshots in form

of Mandriva2006 packages: http://libburn.pykix.org/wiki/Binaries


If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Contributions are welcome.


Kind regards,


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Guest pygi
How mature is this? The earliest date I could find on the webpage is 07/28/06. So is this still development stuff?




yes, none of the components under libburn umbrella have stable release by now (see roadmap) .

They still have bugs, they need a lot of features ofcourse, but they work, and they are quite stable.


Kind regards,


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