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No KDM - can use GDM [solved]

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I recently reinstalled clean Mandriva 2006.0 (official) and then patched to 3.5.3 from MDE but now I get no KDM even though I selected it in MCC - it defaults to XDM and then won't log into KDE- gets stuck in a loop at the login screen. I used GDM and it will login to KDE and give a proper GUI login. Any suggestions how I can get KDM back up and running? If I go into failsafe from Lilo then init 3 then startx I get to KDE.


As a side note: my sound and ARTs isn't working either.

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Since you have installed (not patched) KDE3.5.3 it is obvious that you installed from Cooker. You must keep in mind that cooker is experimental largely and unless you have the ability to fix bugs and so on should be avoided until you do.

I would strongly suggest that you do a fresh reinstall of 2006 with updates and wait until Mandriva 2007 (or whatever it is finally called) is released which will have KDE3.5 in it.


Cheers. John.

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I had this happening many times with KDE updates, useally its a combo of not completely updating all kde components, not updating config files (which are sometimes safed as .rpmnew) or something with the proprietary video driver.


Try urpmi etc-update and then etc-update, change the driver to the xorg one and check installed components...

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Ok, I got it fixed. Here's what the problem seemed to be (or one of these was the problem)


1. Copied /etc/kde/kdm/kdmrc.rpmsave to /etc/kde/kdm/kdmrc

2. installed kernel from MDE

3. rebooted and installed kernel-source- from MDE

4. rebooted and ran NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-8762-pkg1.run from hard drive (had previously downloaded it).

Rebooted and all OK now.

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If you have read kde install instructions in MDE website you wouldnt have this issues with kdm, still i didnt understand very well what you mean with "...patched to 3.5.3 from MDE..."

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