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New kde-3.5.3


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When you format it? what you mean by this?


You also you write down urpmi conf, also dont get what yo mean.


You have all the needed kde install intructions in MDE website, please follow them.


Sorry if I was not clear before.... When I decide to erase all files since I will go with ICEWM only, so that I can download KDE 3.5 and install as well... But When I erased Mandriva 2006 with KDE 3.4 and installed ICEWM with update.. It took damn forever :zzz: and cancelled the update which had screw up....


So, I was doing all over, and erased everything and installed ICEWM without update... Then write down MDE, confid, plf-free etc. to get all update for KDE 3.5 ready to install and reboot!


Make sense? :unsure:

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It is always the least troubleful to install from scratch,as you have done. My path would have been similar. Install from scratch with a rather minimal desktop like IceWM or Fluxbox, then adding the necessary repos, upgrading the box and then and doing a netinstall of all the KDE parts necessary, as explained on the mde site.

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