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can this be done?


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can you make a DVD full of still pics, and then have your home dvd player display them on your big TV? Or would the pics look bad? I shoot my still digital pics with a 5MP camera, usually at the 'large" setting - 1024 by 768 or whatever.


My wife has usually been looking over my shoulder on my linux box, while I use one of the photo progs to do a slideshow...


Was wondering if still pics could be played on your TV with your DVD home player... If so, would the pics advance automatically, or would you --> to skip between pics?



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sorry, my bad. someone else was asking a similar question just recently...


Ok, I'll check into the suggestions in that thread. Not really interested in the added music & stuff, just viewing still pics with a home dvd player & TV.



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A friend of mine did this for me a while back. First he had to use a program to create the slideshow with 5 second interval between each picture. This outputted an mpg file, which he then used to create the CD/DVD.


I did try it myself using one of the Nero products, but the quality of the pictures were crap. I can't remember what he used in the end but it was under Windows. I would try it under Linux if I did it again, providing a package was available, but I'm not sure on what is there.


Just thought I'd let you know the procedure he did it, in case you can't find anything suitable.

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This is the software you need for linux to do the job:



I have used this software multiple times to display pictures on my dvd player. It is simple to do and the guy that wrote the code is very helpful if you have any problems. Really, this is what you need! :D

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