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Wastebin reporting "Malformed URL"


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Using KDE 3.4.2 on Mandriva 2006


Whenever I doubleclick the wastebin (to see its contents) I get a malformed URL message - see the attachment below. Now what's weird is that if I use Konq to go to trash:/ then it'll display its contents with no problem. The wastebin icon will also work to empty it's self and everything else - it's only if I doubleclick or right-click/open that the message appears.


It's been going on for a few months - I can't for the life of me remember if there was anything that I did before that could have caused it.


Had a look around and the only suggestion seems to be to transfer everything to a new user profile...which is a lot of work for a problem that is relatively minor and has a work around...soo any suggestions?


Thanks in advance.


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You could always re-create the desktop entry, and see if it helps versus the old one. Maybe leave the existing one for the time being, and create a duplicate, and see if it works, then delete the old one after.

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Hmm..doesn't make any difference. I checked the root account and the wastebin is working there so I copied it over to the user account. The desktop entry for the normal user account is:


[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Contains removed files


and the root account one is the same, except it isn't localised language-wise - i.e. there are 'Name' and 'Comments' entries for all languages.


The fact that the root account wastebin works fine does suggest to me that the user account has, to use a technical term, crapped up..grr! :(

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