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Modem acts weird?!


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i am in front of an LM9 machine, connected through modem (2years old). Now something strange happens:

Some times, the connection get's broke out of the blue. Nor the deltatime is the same, either the thing i had been doing, no matter if loading down via ftp or surfing via http.


Another strange thing is, that with time going on, surfing get's hung. After a period of time and different open links, i can't open any further links. If i close some of the opened ones, it doesn't matter. The only way out is to kill the connection AND kill the browser and start all again.....

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Sounds like it may be time for a new modem.

Is this a winmodem? They will do weird things sometimes. I have seen them work the day you install and quit working the very next day.


Could also be something with your ISP's equipment. I once dealt with dialing in and connecting to a bad modem, and had to disconnect and reconnect and hope I didn't get the same one.


Otherwise, I don't know what else could cause such strange behavior.

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