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automatically enable wifi (auto TX/RX on)

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Does anyone knows how to automaticly enable wifi connection during boot process?


I always need to press the wifi card's on/off after the boot to get TX/RX on.


How can I solve this problem?



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I am sure there will be advise how this can be configured using MCC, but the simplest way is to edit config files. First make sure that the appropraite kernel module is loaded on boot. As root, run lsmod and check if the module is there. If it's not there, add it to /etc/modprobe.preload. Next, open the file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth1 (changet eth1 to whatever your WIFI interface is), and change ONBOOT=no to ONBOOT=yes.

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I have an Acer, and it will automatically do whatver it was set for the last time it booted, regardless if linux or windows. It must be a bios thing, but I have never looked at the bios. Acer provides several tools in windows to make bios adjustments, so I haven't played with it yet. But linux is automatic if I left it automatic in windows. Incidently, my button is on the front, and I initially was turning my wlan off without knowing it!! :woops:

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My wife's acer is the same, button on the front. It remembers whether it was on or off when the machine was switched off.


She was complaining so much that it wasn't working that I told her to stop pressing the button! Now she lives it on, whether in range of an access point or not. Saves on my support calls :P


Double-check your not switching it off, like ix said. It could be this, or it could be as coverup says, that the interface isn't configured to automatically start on bootup.

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