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Loop of "Disabling IRQ #15" on startup [solved]


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K I tried it and it does the same thing... Do I have to now re-install it with the PNP disabled? I think IRQ 15 is the IDE controller, maybe it's having problems finding the swap partition? My / is hda1 and my swap is hda6, dont' know why it's hda6, it did the paritioning on it's own. Should swap be on hda2?

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When it comes loading LILO, press esc and then type in

linux acpi=off

This will prevent what was happening. For permanent LILO changes you can try the "noapic" and "nolapic" arguments, either one of them or both-whatever cures your problem. You can do that by

su -c "nano /etc/lilo.conf"

(just don't forget running after editing /sbin/lilo as root!), or via the MCC boot menu.

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There is a new set of patched kernels available now, thus an upgrade might help (it helped for one of my laptops).


About swap being on hda6, this is nothing to worry about. On one harddisk, you can have up to four primary partitions (hda1 - hda4) and as many logical partitions as you like (starting at hda5). Mandriva sets up by default one primary partition (for root) and then adds logical partitions. Thus your swap is simply located at the second spot on the logical partitions section. Absolutely normal and nothing to worry about. :)

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