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  1. Ok great. So what's the package called for using NAT? Now, for the port forwarding, let me know if I have this right (just using random IP's and ports here). My ICS machine's IP is and "PC1" on my LAN is So, if I want to connect to port 25 on PC1, then I can setup something so that if I connect to say ICS machine) it will forward it to go to my PC1's IP @ So this setup would mean that if the ICS machine gets a connection to it's port 1025 it will forward it to on port 25(or whatever I choose)? And I can make as many of these rules as I want? Thanks a million. Al
  2. Ok so here's my proposed setup. [internet]--->[cable modem]--->[firewall/ICS machine]--->[hub]====>[4 other PC's] Firewall/ics machine is running mandriva 2006 and has 2 NIC's. Now I understand the whole setup, but since my PC's are getting their IP's assigned by the ICS machine, does this interfere with any internet software such as bittorrent, limewire, amsn, etc etc? Because as far as I can tell, the outside world will only be able to see one PC(my ICS machine). And how can I directly connect to one of my PC for using a remote desktop app for example from the internet, it doesn't have an IP on the internet side does it? Say for example I'm at work and I want to connect to one of my PC's either with ssh or whatever and I need it's IP, how would I connect to it if it's IP is say static assigned IP on my internal LAN). I hope you understand my question, if you don't I can clairify some more. Thanks in Advance! Al
  3. Installed a fresh Mandriva 2006 install, it's all good now, but I lost all my old stuff
  4. Well I noticed this old post of mine and thought I'd post up how I got it working. This is only with ATI cards that have s-video out by the way. I installed atitvout using urpmi (I'm sure you can get it other ways as well). And now all I have to do is make sure my s-video cable is plugged in when I turn on my laptop, go to console, and type "atitvout ntsc t". Hope this help someone with the same problem.
  5. Worked great! It always runs off of AC power anyways, no battery :P Thanks a million!
  6. Well, technically, there's many differences in vanilla wine and crossover's wine setup. There's lots of software that still can't be run using wine, but runs flawlessly in crossover. I played with wine for a few years, got fed up finally and just got crossover instead. Soooo much better now P.S. Sorry for kinda changing the topic, this should be in it's own thread :P
  7. You don't need XP or any other Windows OS, just install CrossOver in Mandriva... I have CrossOver installed on my Mandriva 2006 PC and Laptop, and on both I have Microsoft Office installed along with a slew of other M$ Windows software, I was really surprised at how easy it is to install. And the apps run faster in linux than in windows(big surprise!) :lol:
  8. K I tried it and it does the same thing... Do I have to now re-install it with the PNP disabled? I think IRQ 15 is the IDE controller, maybe it's having problems finding the swap partition? My / is hda1 and my swap is hda6, dont' know why it's hda6, it did the paritioning on it's own. Should swap be on hda2?
  9. I just installed Mandriva 2006 on my laptop. When start it up now, it gets to "enabling swap space", then I get "Disabling IRQ #15", it keeps saying that every few minutes and that's all it does... Anyone know what's going on? TIA!
  10. Well you guys will have to bear with me, I'm still kind of a newb here. I just installed a fresh copy of Mandrake 2006(Free) on my Dell Latitude C600. It has an ATI Mobility M3 2x with S-video TV-Out. I've search this forum and nothing seems to work for me, could someone guide me through what to do here? In HardDrake, my card is detected ok, and it's the one that says TVOut. When I click on Config Tool, then Options, it says I have TVOut, then asks me the format, I select NTSC. Restart X, and nothing happens, I tried my Fn+F8(CRT/LCD) button, and nothing happens, I know it's probably only for my Video Out port(for a monitor) but I tried it anyways. When I start up my laptop, or restart X, my TV does flicker, but nothing comes up. Oh, and I'm using an S-Video to Composite adapter. Thanks in Advance -Al
  11. Just wondering, more for my wife and kid than myself, is there a way I can set mandrake to display my mnt/ntfs folder, and all it's subfolders as a different icon? I'd just like to make it clearer, as in: blue folders are on the linux drive, and red folders are on the ntfs drive. I can make my link to the drive red, but I want all the folders in it to be red as well. Is this possible? Thanks in advance Al [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  12. Ok, so now Mandriva 2006 IS free isn't it? I can download the ISO's, but I'm wondering if when it's installed if it will want me to pay, I've heard it's no longer free.... If so, and I install it, will it just upgrade everything? Or am I better off wiping everything and re-installing? I'd rather keep the stuff and settings I have now....
  13. Ok, but how can I find out what 3.2 RPM's I have on my system? Can I do a search?
  14. (Running Mandrake 10.1 and just upgraded KDE 3.2 -> 3.4) Alright, so I fixed KDE up after upgrading and losing everything, but now when I run ksysguard, a message pops up saying "connection to localhost has been lost". And the process window is empty, so is the system monitor stuff. When I click on File, I get this Connect Host Disconnect Host Connect Host Disconnect Host Yes, there 2 of each, and they are grayed out, when I go to Edit, I get 2 grayed out options, both of them are "Worksheet properties", and in Settings I get 2 grayed out "Configure Style"'s and one "Show Toolbar". I tried doing a urpmi on ksysguard but it says no such package... Any Ideas? And part 2 although it's not a big deal, when I logoff of KDE, I can pick Logout, Shutdown or Reboot, and they all just bring me back to the login screen. And on the login screen, the HALT button does nothing, although the Reboot button works. Thanks in advance. -Al
  15. Oh thank the linux gods, I fixed it!!!! For future reference, here's what I did to fix it: USING: Mandrake 10.1 UPGRADED: from 3.2 to 3.4 from outside of KDE and X in console as root: -renamed (each)$HOME/.local to $HOME/.local-old -ran "kappfinder" -ran "update-menus -v" urpme mdkkdm urpme kdebase-kdm urpmi mdkkdm Rebooted, started X (through X)logged in as root, logged out, rebooted. (through X)Logged in as normal user, logged out and back in as normal user. Now everything's back to normal only better, Rebooted, and logged in, everything was back, so sweet and much faster now, and all my old apps are back and my file associations! Thanks for your help guys, but it's all good now, I hope this helps someone else in the future. Al
  16. Ok, but what will that do? If all the settings are already in the folder, what will creating an empty folder, and moving everything back in do? I don't know what the difference would be, but I'll try it...
  17. Ok, I'll try it when I get home from work, thanks guys i reallly appreciate the help B) Deleting the .kde folder... will that delete all my previous settings and menus? Cuz I don't want that, I want the old ones back. I'll read more in the Workbench forum, I'll post up tonight what my results are. Al
  18. Ok, so I wanted to upgrade from KDE 3.2 to 3.4. I did a 'urpmi kdebase' and let everything install. Unfortunately I don't know KDE very well and did it IN kde, which I think was my mistake. I'll post all the details I can: I urpmi'ed everything, after which, I restarted the computer. Now when I rebooted, it went into the login screen, but it looked different and it showed ALL users, such as apache and things I don't normally log into, I only have 3 user accounts including root but there were dozens displayed. So, I logged into my usual user account(I'll call it user1). So, I log into the user1 account and all that shows up is the blue background screen from the login, and a white borderless console window with a prompt, and that's it. If I type in 'startkde', KDE starts up, but all my menues are gone, some stuff is still on my desktop, but everything else is gone! When I click on the star (KDE equivalent of the windows start button) there's nothing there but an empty bookmarks folder, quick browser, Run Command, Switch User, Lock and Logout. All my links to applications are gone, all my extra panels that were on my desktop are gone. The worst part is, all my file associations are gone, so when I dbl-click on a folder, or a file, it asks me what to open it with, but the applications list is empty... Can someone tell me if all this can be put back??? I need help here, I had it all customized with lots of stuff on here, and with one upgrade, it's all gone! I hope someone can help me, I want it all back Thanks in advance!!! EDIT: Oh ya, and when I right-click on my desktop and click on "Configure Desktop", nothing happens. And when I right-click on my panel(taskbar) and select "Configure Panel", the window comes up, but it says "EMPTY PAGE" Al
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