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Update firefox1.02 no updates?


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Go to the mozilla site and download the firefox files (they are called firefox-1.5.tar.gz. Go to the directory where you downloaded it and unpack them:

$tar xvf firefox-1.5.tar.gz (can be done as regular user)

You will now have a directory /firefox in that directory. You want to move that to /usr/lib as root


password xxxx

#mv firefox /usr/lib/firefox

next you want a link from /usr/bin to the usr/lib firefox executable

#ln -s /usr/lib/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

You should remove your current firefox before doing all this.

You will also need to update your KDE menu if you are using KDE (or Gnome if using that).

Hope this is clear and it helps.

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You could also try following the instructions listed here:



I just did this and it appears to be working fine. I had quite a few extensions installed and they were either upgraded or disabled when I launched the browser.

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