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  1. I had a similar issue. Are you using Yahoo mail beta? I switched it back to the vanilla version of Yahoo Mail and it worked in FF1.x. Unlike you however both versions of yahoo mail worked fine after upgrading to FF2.x. So for now I can only suggest you use the vanilla version of Yahoo mail if you are using the beta version.
  2. A bug has been raised against Cooker... Thanks. :D
  3. Should we report this as a broken package? If so how do we go about doing that?
  4. I get the same thing. I've tried so many things: * Sun Java, No sun Java * playing with enviornment variables. * playing with `update-alternatives --config java` * Things I've probably forgotten. ;-) I'm at a loss...
  5. Here's the link where I first read about the FIREFOX_DSP setting. It appears this would be an enviornment variable, but I cannot say for certain. I just realised that I omited the location of the file where it is supposed to be located. It's in the link but here it is as well: /etc/firefox/firefoxrc. My fault for omitting that. Appologies for the confusion. http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/sh...ad.php?t=453292 I also Goolged for FIREFOX_DSP as well as firefoxrc.
  6. I've been having this problem too. I finally googled around long enough and found that the following did the trick for me. I maybe wrong but I'm going to guess you are using KDE. Go into the KDE Control Center and in "Sound System", change the "Auto Suspend if idle" timer to 1-2 seconds. Another option I found is to change the duplex from full to half, this didn't work for me. And the final option I found was to edit the FIREFOX_DSP setting to "aoss", but I could not locate such a file in 2007 using `locate`. The first option worked fine for me. I'm providing the rest as additional information. Of course, your milage may vary. Hope this helps.
  7. Did you go through the sensors setup, as root, on your 2007 install? sensors-detect If so, try running the command again. Possibly something changed??? Just a guess of course. :)
  8. Ron, Try this link: https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=35106&hl= I have the same issue with the same type of card, ATI 9200. :(
  9. These worked for me after fidling with URL's urpmi.addmedia plf-free http://ftp.gts.lug.ro/plf/mandriva/2007.0/...se/binary/i586/ with hdlist.cz urpmi.addmedia plf-non-free http://ftp.gts.lug.ro/plf/mandriva/2007.0/...se/binary/i586/ with hdlist.cz
  10. Hi Rapha, You could also "try" the following: 1. Open up a terminal, console, shell, or which ever name you'd like to call it. :) 2. Type in the following command without the #>: #> sudo service httpd restart 3. Enter the "root" password when prompted. 4. You should see output similar to the following: Shutting down httpd: [ OK ] Starting httpd: [ OK ] 5. The important one is the "starting" section. If this works go to step 6 else step 7. 6. #> sudo chkconfig httpd on --- End: Apache should now start on subsequent boot. 7. If step 5 failed then I don't think Apache was installed. Could you explain what steps you took to install it? Similar steps to 3,4, and 6 are following for mysql. It just depends which mysql you installed. On my system I would substitute 'httpd' with 'mysqld-max'. Hope this helps.
  11. Name: PyQt Version: 3.14.1-1mdk Architecture: i586 Size: 9301 KB Medium: Main Currently installed version: (none) I uninstalled PyQT, same version as above, and reinstalled it, same results.
  12. Thanks mmodem! :) Also, I noticed there appears to be plenty of mention on the net (Google searches) regarding PyQT issues. Mostly appears to be regarding PyQT and HP-Toolbox, however I've also noticed an issue with SuperKaramba/Liquidweather++ and PyQT. PyQT is installed, yet LiquidWeather++ still complains that it is missing. I'm currently trying to look into how I can write a short script in Python to test if the QT bindings are there and to rule out a problem with LiquidWeather itself. Here is what I have so far. I've tried to access the python script in liquid weather++ which I think launches the QT GUI, so far no luck on either distro, but it is worse on Mandriva/MDE due to errors. As a result I cannot access the configuration options in LiquidWeather. $ python lwp_config.py Traceback (most recent call last): File "lwp_config.py", line 11, in ? from qt import * ImportError: /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/qt.so: undefined symbol: _ZNK13QWindowsStyle9classNameEv $ ls -la /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/qt.so -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 6240156 Mar 7 2005 /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/qt.so*
  13. Would it be possible to provide a later version of Kopete? Under existing user I cannot add any new styles. I created a new Linux User and Kopete still did not allow adding new styles. On my laptop running Kubuntu w/Kopete 0.12 it works fine but not on my desktop running Mandriva 2006 w/Kopete 0.11 from MDE.
  14. Was given a dailup account into the school from my high-school instructor which was a shell acount. This was ages ago when 9600bps was all the rage. :) That started me on alternative platforms. Then in 1995-96, I got hold of a slew of Slackware floppies, I've been hooked on Linux ever since.
  15. You could also try following the instructions listed here: http://website.lineone.net/~desmond.armstrong/updates.html I just did this and it appears to be working fine. I had quite a few extensions installed and they were either upgraded or disabled when I launched the browser.
  16. Lexx

    will it work? [solved]

    I'm running Mandriva 2006 on a P133 with 48MB RAM and 4GB HD. :) I'm using it in text mode though. :) My main machine, a P4 3Ghz, is waiting for my schedule to clear before I upgrade it to 2006. :) So your PIII 500 w/256MB RAM should be able to run things just fine.
  17. Lexx

    ATI control panel

    Have you tried using 'fglrxconfig' ? If I recall, that asks about setting up a mirror mode display. Back up your x config file first. ;-)
  18. Lexx


    At this point, only thing I can think of is to launch a shell and then; su - <root password> alsaconf reboot Hopefully this will detect your sound card and configure it properly. ;-) Hope this helps and as always your milage may vary. ;)
  19. Lexx


    I dual boot into Mandriva LE2005 & XP/sp2. I have switched the HT on and off many times while t/shooting my ATI/Linux issue and niether OS suffered. Depending on your BIOS, yes you should be able to disable it there. I can't comment about the Fast writes, I have no clue. Sorry. Right now my machine is very stable in both OSes with HT turned off.
  20. Lexx


    Are you running in Hyper Thread mode? On my desktop if I run in HT mode with the ATI driver, I have similar issues as you. Totally random lockups. However if I disable HT in the BIOS things are fine. The system works fine in HT mode using the X.org driver and it works fine in HT mode using the "other" OS. :) Hope this helps.
  21. Thanks devries, I believe it is a user problem. Logged in as the new user I created, things seem fine. Menus, icons, kcontrols, all seem fine. I'm starting to just back things up off the affected users home folder, but even that is strangely troublesome. Anyway I will most like just back up what I can and wipe out both drives and start all over. Thanks again for your help.
  22. OK. Finally made some time to try and fix this. So far I've removed .kde .kderc .menu .menu-????-stamp. None of this helped. So I got the idea of creating a new user and trying to copy any "relevent" folders. No difference. So then I updated the system from an update source. While I was at it, I added the PLF sources but disabled them for now. No real change. So far, my menus are shot, kcontrol has none of the actual config tools, and I am starting to think I won't figure this out. Anyone have any additional ideas?
  23. Will do, thanks. I''ve decided to rebuild the system again. I'm thinking/hopeing that using 10.1OE-DVD instead of 10.1CE-DVD will make a difference in upgrading later. :) I had 10.1CE when I upgraded to Thacs 3.3 and then 3.4.
  24. Excellent news Thac. Although the upgrade from your 3.3 to 3.4 didn't work for me I am very much looking forward to whatever new release MandrakeSoft decides to release. :) The parts of 3.4 that did work left a very big impression on me. I started a new thread since I reinstalled 10.1 and want to at least get up to date with your version of X.org, ATi drivers, and KDE 3.3. Thanks again and great job.
  25. First and formost I want to say that I still think Thac did a great job on those 3.4 RPMS. I think there were far more successfull upgrades than failed ones. Unfortunately for yours truely that was not the case. Like several others, I had sufficent problems after upgrading to 3.4. Something which complete baffles me, as I am very certain it had nothing to do with 3.4, was how after a few minutes I would get some crazy EXT3 errors and could not write to the disk. These only started happening after the upgrade from 3.3thac to 3.4thac. With the 3.4 issues, lost menus, lost bookmarks, parts of the kcontrol not responding properly, some kicker componets not working correctly, compounded with the EXT3 errors, I tossed in the towel and reinstalled the system. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and look at some of the other distros again. Needless to say, I came right back to MDK. So I'm looking to upgrade KDE to Thacs 3.3 from a fresh 10.1 install. Which worked wonderfully for me. Here's my current dilema which I must resolve before continuing to upgrade. My system is comprised of several physical drives. I have one drive dedicated to Linux and another drive dedicated to a swap partition and /home in the event of something catastrophic happening to the main drive. So glad I did that as it came in usefull this time around. My problem is that since all of the menus and personalizations from KDE 3.4 are still in their I do not have all the default menu entries from a clean Mandrake install. Anyone know how I can get these back? Thus far I have tried: mv ~/.local ~/.local.last Making changes in menu applet in MCC. I think I did a mv ~/.kde ~/.kde.last, but this was late last night and I can not recall at the moment. Can anyone offer any additional guidance? And once again, thanks to Thac for this 3.4 Preview. I was so very impressed with the parts that worked that I am looking forward to an official MDK release with KDE 3.4. moved from Everything Linux to Softare - scoopy
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