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KDE upgrade aftermath [solved]


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(Running Mandrake 10.1 and just upgraded KDE 3.2 -> 3.4)


Alright, so I fixed KDE up after upgrading and losing everything, but now when I run ksysguard, a message pops up saying "connection to localhost has been lost". And the process window is empty, so is the system monitor stuff. When I click on File, I get this


Connect Host

Disconnect Host

Connect Host

Disconnect Host


Yes, there 2 of each, and they are grayed out, when I go to Edit, I get 2 grayed out options, both of them are "Worksheet properties", and in Settings I get 2 grayed out "Configure Style"'s and one "Show Toolbar". I tried doing a urpmi on ksysguard but it says no such package...

Any Ideas?


And part 2 although it's not a big deal, when I logoff of KDE, I can pick Logout, Shutdown or Reboot, and they all just bring me back to the login screen. And on the login screen, the HALT button does nothing, although the Reboot button works.


Thanks in advance.


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Depending on how you upgraded, just doing the following at the prompt should make sure all items are up-to-date:


urpmi --auto-select --auto


however, as I already said, even after doing this, ksysguard will still have the issues you experience. There is no fix for it. Trust me, I've tried myself.


You'd be better using Mandriva 2006 which comes with KDE 3.4 already, and ksysguard works. I don't know why, but the upgrade from KDE 3.2 or 3.3 ends up with this ksysguard problem.

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You'd be better using Mandriva 2006 which comes with KDE 3.4 already, and ksysguard works. 


Ok, so now Mandriva 2006 IS free isn't it? I can download the ISO's, but I'm wondering if when it's installed if it will want me to pay, I've heard it's no longer free.... If so, and I install it, will it just upgrade everything? Or am I better off wiping everything and re-installing? I'd rather keep the stuff and settings I have now....

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I'm using 2006 Free, and it's still free as far as I know.


They have various versions. Powerpack which you have to pay for, along with other versions too.


Honestly, the best method is a clean installation. If you have a separate home drive it's really easy. You can keep the home partition, and just install 2006 into the normal "/" partition, and it will leave home with your data. You will be prompted to format the "/" partition. I've done this. Works well.


The only thing I find is that it does install a few things that you don't need. First, after installation, remove kat. You can do this in Remove Software, or from the console prompt with:


urpme kat


I also do the same for "nfs-utils-clients" and "lisa", since I don't use either of them. So:


urpme nfs-utils-clients
urpme lisa


kat is a big resource hogger, that is a desktop search for KDE. I don't really need it. lisa is a network browser, like network neighbourhood in Windows. And nfs-utils-clients is something for nfs network shares, that, I don't use either.


Then you can just add your easy urpmi sources again, and away you go!

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