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Popfile [solved]


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I have been trying to get Popfile running. I installed it using urpmi. When I try to connect to I get

The connection was refused when attempting to contact


I get the same error message when tryijng to connect using http://localhost:8080. From what I understand, after connecting, I shoudl be able to configure the bucketts.


If I do a 'chkconfig --list' i get the follwoing line:

popfile 0:off 1:off 2:off 3:on 4:on 5:on 6:off


So, it appears to be enabled for run levels 3, 4, and 5.


If I do a 'popfile stop' the last few lines show:


[/code] Starting...

{core: history mq config


A copy of POPFile appears to be running.

Attempting to signal the previous copy.

Waiting 10 seconds for a reply.


The other POPFile failed to signal back, starting new copy


{interface: html xmlrpc}

{classifier: bayes}

{proxy: smtp pop3 nntp}


POPFile Engine v0.20.0 running

Can't locate object method "get_user_path_" via package "POPFile::History" at POPFile/History.pm line 1167.


Any thoughts on what to do to get this going?

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I ran namp and it reports that port 8080 is in fact closed. Now I know what ports are open, and 8080 is not one of them.


How do I open this port? Never had to do this before. Thanks in advance.

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When popfile successfully starts, you will be able to connect to it....the port will open. Your problem is here:

POPFile Engine v0.20.0 running
Can't locate object method "get_user_path_" via package "POPFile::History" at POPFile/History.pm line 1167

Which means popfile died. I have found no answer to the problem.

The "There seems to be a running instance..." error is one I have been getting lately, even though popfile is not actually running. It's annoying but harmless.

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O.K. I got popfile going to the point where I can connect to port localhost:8080. Here is what I had to do. I had attempted to follow the install instructions to install popfile from the tar archive. That did not work, I cound not get this step to work. " chkconfig --add /etc/init.d/popfile " I then made the mistake of installing the rpm using urpmi. That produced the errors above. Lesson learned... :wall:


To get things going, I uninstalled the rpm, and then went back through the install instructions and wipped out all the files I had installed from the tar archive.


Next I installed using the rpm. I can now connect to localhost:8080. :thumbs: Thank-you for the help! :thanks:

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