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Does Mandriva 2006 have firewall like Zone Alarm?

Guest tekwar

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As a newb just learning networking, you guys are way over my head, but was working on internet sharing and found the discussion interesting enough to comment. I have found some of the MCC documentation regarding networking and firewalls to be somewhat indecipherable, not applicable, missing or counterintuitive.


Anyway, hopefully this ties into this topic by saying that the original poster has indicated they are not interested in iptable configuration and since there was mention of MS I had to add that you can be sure that MS and the MAC people are begging, borrowing, or stealing the best possible features from anywhere they can to incorporate into their OSs. Do they always succeed? Of course not. MS's proprietary formats, incompatible formats, upgrades, etc have driven me to linux ( I think it is mainly a marketing ploy). In spite of this I will say one good thing about MS is the philosophy of making the configuration of the OS as transparent to the end user as possible even if some of their other philosophies are worthless. Many people feel this is sacreligious but it doesn't have to be. You can still have configurability of linux offered to the more advanced user on a deeper level.


There are a couple of great articles written by Eric Raymond and Joel Spolsky about what a good productive interface should be and why distros have been and will continue to be released with UIs that have GUI scripts used to automate more and more OS functions. Yes, some times the GUI scripts are wrong or not flexible enough, or misleading but that is the fault of the documentation or script writer, not because GUIs as a philosophy are inherently less effective. If the linux community's stock answer about security can come to include some acceptance of agreements and/or standards about security by better documentation and by better automation of networking tools, firewalls, port configuration, etc., it would sure help things out. I too have heard for a long time about how there is no need to be concerned about security in linux.


Anyway... just finished setting up ssh and internet sharing on a 2 MDV PC network and downloaded a theme to use on PC2, but it wound up on PC1 as well and I did not purposely install it there so it got me to wondering about security, therefore this post.


Well...back to networking...

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use a hardware router/firewall

block outgoing ports

block by app name or used port

block outgoing IP's

block incoming ports ..allow incoming ports to different pcs on the lan

share your internet connection

logs all activity . some routers take action when triggered

like 30 dollars

yes dial -up routers are out there too

i'd rather have someone knocking on my routers' door than my pc's door

ICS was cool ten years ago

i am sure these rouge programs you are talking about will always start doing bad things when you are sitting in front of the keybaord waiting for the "interactive" pop up .


do you want to gamble your iptables knowledge vs the world ?

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