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Scribus 1.2.3 rpms for mandriva


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i try to install the rpms source from your but it tells me the following message in MCC :


"Unable to add medium, error reported :


impossible to retrieve the list of packages from the media "scribus". Either this update media is mis configureed, and in this case you should use the software media manager to remove it and re-add it in order to reconfigure it, either it is currently unreachable and you should retry later."


I tried several link listed on the page but it is the same pb.


i tried to donload the actual rpm on my desktop and install them from there but i still cannot do it. any idea what is wrong.


any idea where to find a valid link for this application ?



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I managed to get as far as installing it, but aborted with invalid signatures as I don't need it installed anyway.... You can just ignore the invalid signatures. :)


Did you set up an ftp source with url: "ftp://mirror.switch.ch/mirror/mandrake/devel/10.1/i586/media/main"? After that it was plain sailing using rpmdrake.

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I have'nt tried to install it coz just browsing it awhile ago upon reading on this post but look it HERE, 1.31 version of compiled scribus for mandriva...


good, i installed scribus and as well Inkscape and those two softwares are awsome. i can say now without hesitation that i can use linux for vectorial illustration and desktop publishing.


those two software are real and awsome contenders to the Windows applications.





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