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Intel or AMD?


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Well the person moved my Q looking for Answer well I will go some where and get my answer.


The person is very rude thats ok .



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Check the original post first, it's still here:




Topics are only moved if they are in the wrong place. This has been put under talk-talk because that's what it relates to, rather than laptops in general where it was posted originally.


Doing a search for your original topic title would allow you to find it.

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You know that someone moved anything should let the others know it move to different forum or file so anyone can check it out about good news,right?

Paul you can close my topic from Hardware.


Thx Mandriva-user

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There's usually a pointer in the forum that it got moved from, so that it can be found in the new forum.


Sometimes if there's a load of posts, it's hard to find the pointer. Sorry for any confusion you experienced!

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