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Can't register in Mandriva online... (???)


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Hi Folks !


I am enjoying a lot my new OS... It's been only a few days that I am using Mandriva LE2005...


I am trying to register to that service called "Mandriva Online", which has an icon on the task-bar, with a "?" in a circle... I enter a user name, a password, and a valid email address (I tried with a yahoo, a hotmail, a gmail, and the one from my ISP...). Then, I click on "next", and it tells me my email is not valid !!!


I tried different user names, different password, and different valid email... Don't know what to do...


-Do any of you has a clue ???


Thanks in advance.


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Like the quys say, you need to have either bought access to the service for your machine, or be at least a silver member to get one free host. Also, you need to update the mdkonline app, ad the one that is in Mandriva LE2005 was updated to accomodate the changes to server names. If you are registered with mandriva online you should be able to download the updated rpm from a link on the mandriva online homepage!

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