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How good is Mandriva LE2005 x86_64?


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Once again another post to ask for advice. I already got advice from #musb, and it wasn't in the nicest form. So it's time to ask those of you that are in here but not there ( #musb ).


Anyhow as some of you know , I'm building a 64-bit processor based computer. I've been having a hard time choosing what distro to run. As of right now I'm downloading Mandriva LE2005. I don't know anything, and I can't seem to find anything on how it works. From my past knowledge Ubuntu 64-bit ( which I was going to try and now I'm not with that 32-bit chroot ) has a weird way of dealing with 32-bit apps. The only way you can really run them is in a 32-bit chroot mode. So I really don't want to deal with that.


Now how does mandriva handle the 32-bit/64-bit apps. I know that there isn't a plugin like flash for 64-bit but you can have a 32-bit version running on a 64-bit system. I'm hoping it's something like what I've seen in gentoo. Where you have your normal 64-bit compiled programs and then the 32-bit programs that look like firefox32. And flash32. I'm hoping for something as easy as that. Something away from a 32-bit chroot mode.


Also if you have it working with Cedega please tell me your steps!!!!! I have a copies of windows, just for gaming. But that is the main purpose of the machine, to run games. If I do this from windows, I have no use for Linux. So please tell me if there has been anyone that can run it , play games with out too much hassle.




P.S. All of you that have links to important info I want them! I need them! I need to be well prepared when its time to install the OS. I want an EASY distro.

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I think that I'm better off with Hoary 32-bit. Just to be on the safe side. Then after that I can start testing out 64-bit distros. I do have a 160GB hdd :)

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