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login as root [solved]


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Is it possible to set up mandrake/mandriva to login as root instead of this deal where you login as a normal user then su to root? this is not that much of a problem except that I would like to log in with WinSCP via ssh and can only login as normal user then I cant get past the users home directory. is there another work around for this? I've always just loged in as root from windows on other distros.

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If you are using KDE, you should be able to achieve what you wish with this:


Control Center

System Administration

Login Manager

This didnt quite get what i wanted, never actuly found it, but I went to system- configuration- other-user administration, where there are no settings for root, but I was able to change my normal users home file to the root folder but now im finding out I still dont have permission to write to it from WinSCP?

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well I hear you tell me what not to do but I can't hear your solution for an alternative way to get the functionality to remote admin this computer, I like WinSCP it allows me to copy files from my windows machine to my linux and also alows me to edit files on my linux machine from my windows desktop. but I need to be able to either log in as root or login as another user who has root type privileges so I can work on this machine without being there.

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Well, like I said if you simply want to cp files to your box, drop them in your home space.


If you actually need to do root work remotely, either add user commands to sudo or ssh in through something like putty and flip to root and do the work.



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ok I have it now (after failing to figure out how to make WinSCP login on sudo su)so I log into my user account and can transfer files to the home directory then I can putty in and su and chown the files and move them where they go. Was a lot easier to use one program to put them where I needed them in the first place. my only question is why is this more secure? I am using the same ssh to send my password during the WinSCP login as I am to send the su password during putty? or am I missing something here?

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Guest The Doc

No! :|


Just scp your stuff to your users home dir and if it needs to be some were else, ssh and mv it around.


Don't login as root!

"(Unix=bsh,csh,ksh/Linux=bash(POSIX),tsh)and some hardware manufacturer specific implemations. ie Solaris...



The very spawning of Unix in 1969 was by programmers for programmers. The premise that the user knew what he was doing when "bsh was created allowed unrestricted access to the file system. Then Microsoft/Apple came along piggy backing off the Unix developers work creating their own OS that treated every user as if they were a total idiot, totally contrary to the Unix developers spirit. I operate under the context that if I have information/data that someone needs I share it without restriction. I understand your concern yet I feel that we should adhere to the tradition of the programmers and freely disclose information that we may have with warnings of the consequences if any. After all it's not the end of the world. Just hope the victim has Mr. Backup available. Chances are that if a user wants to log in to the GUI as root it would only be a short visit to do what needs to be done with the ease of the GUI. If I wanted to screw my system all that I would have to do is open a terminal and.. su root, enter password then...

cd / rd -r /* the only thing left of the operating system would be what is stuck in ram, that is called shooting yourself in the foot :-)


Personally I am an old DOS buff (no stranger to the command line)and evolved through Windows. Right now I am taking a College Unix class and have installed Mandriva 2011 on a separate drive for home lab work and could care less if I wipe out the operating system, Just re-install.


I too would like to log in to the GUI as root. I believe I just need to modify the kdmrc file, just need to know where the active one is located.

Not the one in /var/lib/mandriva/kde4-profiles/one/share/config/kdm/kdmrc . I suspect that I could use the find command from root (/) of the drive with the proper syntax so that the entire file system is searched. It would be much easier if someone already knew how to do it effectively running Mandriva 2011

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Hello Doc. Welcome to MUB.


I too set up my system for easy physical root access. I always setup using the /kdm/kdm.rc routine that you mention. Have done so for years.

I copped a lot of flack over the years for even mentioning it and how to do it but I have just learned to ignore the flack.

When you consider that with using a live-cd or a cd with photorec on it you can gain access to data on a computer ( unless it is especially encrypted ) the whole root isolation is in some ways a bit of a joke.


Anything I value I keep on two Hard Drives used in an external dock and when not in use are physically locked away and absolutely NO personal information is kept on the computers at all.

So even if anyone manages to crack into my system via the internet, and no one has in all the time I have been using computers, then they are simply going to waste their time fullstop.


I am currently using Mageia-2. Haven't used Mandriva since it fell off the rails. I tried Mandriva2011 but was not impressed since it seemed to no longer resemble the great OS I used and relied on over the years.


I'm sorry I cannot help with your question about the alternative to editing kdm.rc but I am sure one of the great members here will help you if they can.


Cheers. John

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